A List of All My Goals

The first step to attaining financial freedom is to have a clear set of personal goals. Everyday, we are bombarded with targets and goals - mostly from the workplace. We strive hard to deliver these goals and help the company attain its targets.

But have you ever thought about your personal goals?

They say that once your goals are clearly set in your mind, then it would be easy for you to attain them. You do not have to focus on the HOW, just focus on the WHY (goals) and everything else will follow.

Here are my goals and in the next three (3) years, I hope to cross out most of them.

  1. Achieve independence from my family and start living on my own
  2. Have at least P200k in my savings account as emergency fund
  3. Start investing in mutual funds
  4. Start investing in the stock market directly
  5. Setup a blog that would generate income
  6. Quit the corporate world at age 30
  7. Get married before I'm 30!
  8. Begin my own business by age 30
  9. Travel to Vigan
  10. Join a reality show/contest
Goals should be SMARTER i.e Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound, Exciting and Rewarding. 

From the above goals, some of those requirements might be missing but that's because I choose to write it generally. I've made the above items as SMARTER as I can in my private journal. 

But, as I said earlier, once you make your goals clear, and just release it to the universe, then don't fret so much on the how. Just do every single step you can towards it no matter how seemingly insignificant it is. Next thing you know, you've achieved your goal and it is time to create more exciting ones.

The goals listed here is not an exhaustive list. I have yet to list down everything but for now, this will do. 

Ikaw, ano ang goals mo?

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