Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Journey Begins

I do not claim to be any financial expert. Neither do I claim to be someone who has attained financial freedom. I am merely someone, like you, struggling to survive from pay day to pay day with an average job.

But I am tired of this kind of living. I am still single - with no dependents except the occasional obligation to help out with the expenses at home - I still live with my parents! Truth be told, I do not have so many financial obligations as of the moment that I would think of myself as broke.

Yet, we live not just for this moment. I have my own dreams of seeing the world, having my own family, owning certain stuff and experiencing certain things. All of which would require some form of a better financial responsibility from me.

Hence, after much reading of various blog articles and several financial mistakes, I can say that I am finally on-track to becoming financially free. I am not there yet, but I know I will get there.

And so I decided to start this blog. It will be my personal journal of my journey towards financial freedom. This would serve as a collection of the lessons I've learned and as a reminder of the journey I am taking. There would be many setbacks along the way and part of my preparation for those setbacks is to have this living chronicle of how far along I've come. Hopefully, when the going gets tough, I can find inspiration and strength from the articles I've written here about my journey.

And to you, dear reader, I hope this also helps you in your own personal journey towards financial freedom- whatever stage you may be in right now. They say that not everyone, especially in the Philippines become financially free, but it is something that is possible for everyone. Poverty only happens because so many of us lack the knowledge or willpower to take control of our own financial journeys.

I hope, in the pages of this blog, I am able to inspire and educate just as I have been inspired and educated by the many mentors I have encountered in the past. The lessons I will impart are also the same lessons imparted by many others before me. Nothing here is new. But everything here is personal.

With that said, let the journey - and my blogging - begin!

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